Basic Mathematics for MSBTE I Scheme (I - Common - 22103)

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Unit - I Algebra 1.1 Logarithm: Concept and laws of logarithm 1.2 Determinant and matrices a. Value of determinant of order 3x3 b. Solutions of simultaneous equations in three unknowns by Cramer’s rule. c. Matrices, algebra of matrices, transpose adjoint and inverse of matrices. Solution of simultaneous equations by matrix inversion method. d. Types of partial fraction based on nature of factors and related problems. Unit - II Trigonometry 2.1 Trigonometric ratios of Compound, allied, multiple and sub-multiple angles (without proofs) 2.2 Factorization and de-factorization formulae(without proofs) 2.3 Inverse trigonometric ratios and related problem. 2.4 Principle values and relation between trigonometric and inverse trigonometric ratio. Unit - III Coordinate Geometry 3.1 Straight line and slope of straight line a. Angle between two lines. b. Condition of parallel and perpendicular lines. 3.2 Various forms of straight lines. a. Slope point form, two point form. b. Two points intercept form. c. General form. d. Perpendicular distance from a point on the line. e. Perpendicular distance between two parallel lines. Unit - IV Mensuration 4.1 Area of regular closed figures, Area of triangle, square, parallelogram, rhombus, trapezium and circle. 4.2 Volume of cuboids, cone, cylinders and sphere. Unit - V Statistics 5.1 Range, coefficient of range of discrete and grouped data. 5.2 Mean deviation and standard deviation from mean of grouped and ungrouped data, weighted means 5.3 Variance and coefficient of variance. 5.4 Comparison of two sets of observation.

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