Renewable Energy Engineering for GTU 18 Course (VI- Mech./Prof. Elec.-II - 3161914)

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1. Scenario of Renewable Energy (RE) Sources : Needs of renewable energy, advantages and limitations of RE, present energy scenario of conventional and RE sources. (Chapter 1) 2. Solar Energy : Energy available from the sun, spectral distribution, solar radiation outside the earth’s atmosphere and at the earth’s surface, solar radiation geometry, Instruments for solar radiation measurements, empirical equations for prediction of availability of solar radiation, radiation on tilted surface. solar energy conversion into heat, types of solar collectors, evacuated and non-evacuated solar air heater, concentrated collectors, thermal analysis of liquid flat plate collector, air heater and cylindrical parabolic collector, solar energy thermal storage, heating and cooling of buildings, solar pumping, solar cooker, solar still, solar drier, solar refrigeration and air conditioning, solar pond, heliostat, solar furnace, photovoltaic system for power generation, solar cell modules and arrays, solar cell types, material, applications, advantages and disadvantages. (Chapters 2, 3) 3. Wind Energy : Energy available from wind, basics of lift and drag, basics of wind energy conversion system, effect of density, angle of attack and wind speed, windmill rotors, horizontal and vertical axes rotors, drag, lift, torque and power coefficients, tip speed ratio, solidity of turbine, wind turbine performance curves, wind energy potential and site selection, basics of wind farm. (Chapter 4) 4. Bio Energy : Types of biogas plants, biogas generation, factors affecting biogas generation, advantages and disadvantages, biomass energy, energy plantation, gasification, types and applications of gasifiers. (Chapter 5) 5. Ocean Energy : OTEC principle, open, closed and hybrid cycle OTEC system, Energy from tides, estimation of tidal power. 6. Economic Analysis :

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