Power System Operation & Control for BE Anna University R17 CBCS (VII-EEE - EE8072)

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Unit - 1 Introduction Αη overview of power system operation and control - system load variation - load characteristics - Ioad curves and Ioad-duration curve - Ioad factor - diversity factor - Importance of load forecasting and quadratic and exponential curve fitting techniques of forecasting - plant level and system level controls. (Chapter - ι) Unit - 11 Real Power - Frequency Control Basics of speed governing mechanism and modeling - speed-Ioad characteristics - Ioad sharing between two synchronous machines ίη parallel - control area concept - LFC control of a single-area system - static and dynamic analysis of uncontrolled and controlled cases - two-area system - modeling - static analysis of uncontrolled case - tie line with frequency bias control - state variable model - integration of economic dispatch control with LFC. (Chapter - 2) Unit - 111 Reactive Power-Voltage Control Generation and absorption of reactive power - basics of reactive power control - excitation systems - modeling - static and dynamic analysis - stability compensation - methods of voltage control: tapchanging transformer, SVC (TCR + TSC) and STATCOM - secondary voltage control. (Chapter - 3) Unit - IV Unit Commitment And Economic Dispatch Formulation of economic dispatch problem - 1/0 cost characterization - incremental cost curve - coordination equations without and with loss (Νο derivation of loss coefficients) - solution by direct method and -iteration method - statement of unit commitment problem - priority-list method - forward dynamic programming. (Chapter - 4) Unit - V Computer Control of Power Systems Need for computer control of power systems - concept of energy control centre - functions - system monitoring - data acquisition and control - system hardware configuration - SCADA and EMS functions - networR topology - state estimation - WLSE - Contingency Analysis - state transition diagram showing various state transitions and control strategies. (Chapter - 5)

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Pages: 194 Edition: 2023 Vendors: Technical Publications