Energy Conservation & Management for GTU 18 Course (VI- Mech./Prof. Elec.-I - 3161919)

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1. Energy Scenario : Classification of Energy, Indian energy scenario, Sectorial energy consumption (domestic, industrial and other sectors), energy needs of growing economy, energy intensity, long term energy scenario, energy pricing, energy security, energy conservation and its importance, energy strategy for the future. (Chapter - 1) Energy Conservation Act 2001 and related policies : Energy conservation Act 2001 and its features, notifications under the Act, Schemes of Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) including Designated consumers, State Designated Agencies, Electricity Act 2003, Integrated energy policy, National action plan on climate change, ECBC code for Building Construction. (Chapter - 2) 2. Financial Management and Energy Monitoring and Targeting : Investment-need, appraisal and criteria, financial analysis techniques simple payback period, return on investment, net present value, internal rate of return, cash flows, risk and sensitivity analysis; financing options, energy performance contracts and role of Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) (Chapter - 3) Energy Monitoring and Targeting : Defining monitoring & targeting, elements of monitoring & targeting, data and information-analysis, techniques - energy consumption, production, cumulative sum of differences (CUSUM). Energy Management Information Systems (EMIS) (Chapter - 4) 3. Energy Management & Audit : Definition, energy audit, need, types of energy audit. Energy management (audit) approach-understanding energy costs, Bench marking, energy performance, matching energy use to requirement, maximizing system efficiencies, optimizing the input energy requirements, fuel and energy substitution, energy audit instruments and metering (Chapter - 5) 4. Energy Efficiency in Thermal Utilities and systems : 5. Energy and environment, air pollution, climate change :

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