Communication & Computer Networks for DTEK 15 Course (IV - EEE - 15EE43T)

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UNIT- 1 Radio Communication Communication Basics : Communication, Elements of communication system-Block diaςJram, Explanation, Forms-Audio, \7ideo and data, Types-simple, Half duplex, Full dup!ex, AnaloςJ siςJna!s, Diφta! siςJna!s, Baseband transmission, Modulation, Carrier. Modulation methods - ΑΜ, FM, ΡΜ. Electromagnetic Spectrum : Relationship between frequency (f) and wavelenςJth (). Need for modulation, E!ectromaςJnetic spectrum-major seςJments, Bandwidth-definition as applied to radio communication, Illustration. Modulation and Demodulation Circuits : Diode amplitude modu!ator-circuit, Explanation, Demodu!ation-definition, ΑΜ diode detector-circuit, Exp!anation. Radio Transmitter and Receiver: Transmitter-definition, Functions, Α typica! FM transmitter usinςJ indirect FM with phase modulator-circuit, Explanation, Receiver-super heterodyne receiver-block diaςJram, WorkinίJ. Multiplexing : Definition, Concept, FDM-definition, FDM-block diaςJram (transmittinίJ end), Explanation, FDM-block diaςJram (ReceivinςJ end), Explanation, TDM-definition, Basic concept. Transmission Line and Radio Wave Propagation : Transmission Lines : Types, Co-axial cable-construction, Characteristic impedance, Characteristic impedance of co-axial cable, StandinςJ waves, StandinςJ wave ratio, lmportance of SWR. Radio Wave Propagation : Ground wave, Sky wave, Space wave. UNIT- 11 fiber Optic Communication Basic elements of fiber-optic communication system-diaςJram, Explanation, Applications of fiber optic cables, Benefits of fiber optic cables over conventional electric cables, LiςJht rays ίη a fiber optic cable, Basic construction of fiber optic cable-diaςJram, Explanation, Mode-definition, Classification based οη mode, SinςJ!e mode-definition, Mu!timode-definition, ILD optica! transmitter-circuit, WorkinςJ, Photodiode optica! receiver-circuit, WorkinςJ. UNIT - 111 Microwave Techniques Concept of microwave communication, AdvantaςJes of microwave, Problems faced ίη microwave communication, Wave ςJuides-construction, WorkinςJ, Cutoff frequency, Wave paths ίη a waveςJuide at different frequencies, Cavity resonators-types, Construction, WorkinςJ, Applications, Microwave semiconductors-Prob!ems faced by conventiona! semiconductor components and their remedies, Microwave tubes-types, Their applications, Two cavity klystron amplifier-construction, WorkinςJ Microwave antennas-Horn antenna-DiaςJram, WorkinίJ, Parabolic antenna-diaςJram, WorkinίJ. UNIT - IV Satellite Communication Concept of satellite communication system, Satellite orbits-geo synchronous orbit, Transponder-block diagram, Working, Satellite sub system-block diagram, Explanation of each block, Satellite earth station-block diagram, Explanation of each block, Applications of satellite communication. GPS-GPS architecture, GPS receiver, Differential GPS-diagram, Explanation, Applications of GPS, GIS-concept, Applications. UNIT-V Mobile and Data Communication Mobile Communication: Multicell system, Frequency reuse, Salient features of GSM, GSM services, GSM system architecture-block diagram, Working of each part, GSM networR area-definitions-cell, Location area, MSC/VLR service area, PLMN, GSM operation-call from mobile station, Call to a mobile station, Concept of GPRS, Compare 2G with 3G. Data Communication : Concept, Applications, Modes of transmission-serial, Parallel, Synchronous, Asynchronous transmission, Definitions-channel capacity, Bandwidth, Baud rate, Bit rate, Modem-definition, Need for modem, FSK-concept, FSK Modem-diagram, Working, PSK-concept, BPSK-concept, BPSK modulator-circuit diagram, Working, BPSK demodulator-circuit diagram, Working. UNIT - VI Basics of Computer Networks Computer Network: Definition, Types-LAN, WAN, ΜΑΝ. Network Topology : Bus, Star, Ring, Mesh-advantages, Disadvantages. Transmission Media : Twisted pair cable-Cat Se, Cat 6. Protocol : OSI model-Layer diagram, TCP/IP-Layer diagram. Ethernet : Definition, Types, Gigabit ethernet. Wireless LAN : Wireless access point, Wireless LAN card. Network Connectivity: Switch, Repeater, Router, Gateway.

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