OOP with Java for DTEK 15 Course (IV - CSE/ISE - 15CS42T)

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UNIT 1 : Introduction of Java Fundamentals of Object Oriented Programming Introduction. Object oriented Paradiqm. Basic Concepts of ΟΟΡ. Benefits of ΟΟΡ. Appliι:ations of ΟΟΡ. Java Evolution Ja17a history. Ja17a features. How Ja17a Differs from C and C+ +. Java a11d World Wide Web. Java Environment. Simple Java Proqram. Αη Applίcation with Two Classes. Java Proqram Strιιcture. Java Tokens. Java Sιaιernenιs. lmplementinq a Java Proqrarn. Java v'irtual Macl1ine. Comιnand l.ine Arquments. Proψamminq Style. Constants. Variables. Data Types. Scope of Variables. Symbolic Constants. Tyρe Castinq. Standarcl Defaυlt v'alues. Sρeι:ia1 Oρerators. Matherηatiι:al Fυnι:tions. l.abe11ecl Loops (break & Continue) Operators and Expressions. Decision Makinq. Branchin!J & Loopίnq. (Chapter - 1) UNIT 11 : Classes, Objects and Methods; Strings and String Buffer Classes Classes, Objects and Methods Introdιιction. Defininq a Class. Fields Declaration. Methods Declaration. Creatίn􀁍101)jeι:ts. Aαessin􀀋 Class Mernl1ers. Constrυctors. Meι!ωds Overloacli11􀁍1. Sta1iι: Meπ1l)ers. Nes1in􀀋 of Methods, Inheritance: Extendinq a Class. Overridin!il Methods, Final Variables and Methods, Final Classes. Finalize Met!ωιls. Abstract Met!ιocls anιl Classes. Mettωιls witt1 Variable arΙ?urnerιts (Varar!Js).Visibility Control. Strings and String Buffer Classes - Strinqs, Vectors, Wrapper classes, Enιιmerated Types, Annotations. (Chapters - 2, 3) UNIT 111 : Interface: Multiple Inheritance Introduction. Defininq lnterfaces. Extendinq lnterfaces. Implementinq lnterfaι:es. Aι:cessinq Intertace Variables.(Chapter 4) UNIT IV : Pachages: Putting Classes Together lnιroduction. Ja17a ΑΡΙ Packai;ιes, lJsinq Systern PacRaqes, Nan1i11i;ι Convenιions. Creatinq PacRaqes, Accessinq a PacRage. Usinq a Packaqe. Addinq a Class to a PacRaqe. Hidinq Classes. Static Import. (Chapter - 5) UNIT V : Multithreaded Programming Irιtroductiorι, Creatirι!J Threads, Exterιdirι!J the Thread Class, Stoppirι!J arιd Blockirι!J a Thread. Life Cycle of a Thread, Usin!J Thread Methods, Thread Exceptions, Thread Priority, Synchronization, Implementin!J the 'Runnable' Interface. Inter-thread Communication. (Chapter - 6) UNIT VI : Managing Errors and Exceptions lntroduction, Types of Errors, Exceptions, Syntax of Exception Handlίn!J Code, Multiple Catch Statements, Usin!J Finally Statement. Throwin!J Our Own Exceptions. (Chapter - 7)

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