Hydraulics for DTEK 15 Course (IV - CIVIL - 15CE41T)

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Unit - 1 Fluids, Pressure and It’s Measurements and Hydrostatics (Chapters 1, 2, 3) Fluid - Definition, types and properties (simple problems). Pressure and its measurements - Definition of fluid pressure, Intensity of pressure and pressure head, Pascal’s law, atmospheric pressure, gauge pressure, absolute pressure Vacuum pressure and their relations, Measurement of pressure : Piezometer, Manometer, Differential manometer, (simple problems). Hydrostatics - Total pressure and centre of pressure on vertical planes like, Triangular, Rectangular and circular plane surfaces (simple problems). Unit - 2 Flow of Fluids (Chapter 4) Definition of discharge, Types of flow and their comparison, Uniform and non-uniform flow, Steady and unsteady flow, Stream line and turbulant flow, rotational and irrotational flow, Compressible and incompressible flow. Continuity equation - simple problems. Energies in fluid motion and their heads - Potential, Kinetic and Pressure head, Bernoulli’s theorem (without proof), Assumptions and its limitations-simple problems, Horizontal venturimeter, Theory and simple problems. Unit - 3 Flow Through Orifices, Notches and Weirs (Chapters 5, 6) Definition, Types of orifices, Vena contracta, Hydraulic co-efficient and their relationship (simple problems), Flow through only circular orifice (simple problems without derivation), Definition and types of mouthpiece (only theory). Definition of notch and its types, Discharge calculation for rectangular, Triangular and trapezoidal notch (simple problems without derivation). Definition of weir, Types, Discharge over rectangular and cippolitte weir (simple problems without derivation). Unit - 4 Flow Through Pipes (Chapter 7) Loss of fluid friction, Types of losses-major and minor losses, Darcy’s and Chezy’s formula for head loss due to friction (simple problems). Hydraulic gradient and total energy line. Flow through single pipe, Flow from one reservoir to another reservoir through single pipe, (simple problems). Water hammer, Surge tanks (only theory). Unit - 5 Flow Through Channels (Chapter 8) Definition and classification of channels, Discharge through channels using Chezy’s and Manning’s formula (no derivation-simple problems only). Most economical sections for rectangular and trapezoidal channels (simple problems). Unit - 6 Pumps and Turbines (Chapter 9) Working principle of reciprocating and centrifugal pumps (only theory), Turbine, Types and its working principle of Pelton and Francis turbine (only theory).

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Author: [Annasaheb Narode, Vinayak Gaikwad] Pages: 218 Edition: 2017 Vendors: Technical Publications