Mechanics of Materials forBE VTU Course 18 OBE & CBCS (III- Mech. -18ME32)

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MODULE 1 Stress and Strain: Introduction. HooRe's Iaw. Calculation of stresses ίη straiqht. Stepped and tapered sections. Composite sections. Stresses due to temperature chanqe, Shear stress and strain, Lateral strain and Poisson's ratio, Generalized HooRe's Iaw. BulR modulus. Relationship between elastic constants. (Chapter - ι) MODULE2 Analysis of Stress and Strain: Plane stress. Stresses οη inclined planes. Principal stresses and maximum shear stress. Principal anqles. Shear stresses οη principal planes. Maximum shear tress. Mohr circle for plane stress conditions. Cylinders : Thin cylinder: Hoop's stress, maximum shear stress. circumferential and Ion!Jitudinal strains. ThicR cylinders: Lames equations. (Chapters - 2. 3) MODULE3 Shear Forces and Bending Moments: Type of beams. Loads and reactions. Relationship between loads. shear forces and bendinq moments. Shear force and bendinq moments of cantilever beams. Ρίη support and roller supported beams subjected to concentrated loads and uniformly distributed constant / varyinq Ioads. Stress in Beams : Pure bendinq. Curvature of a beam. Lonqitudinal strains ίη beams. Normal stresses ίη Beams with rectanqular. circular. Τ and 'Τ' cross sections, Flexure Formula, Bendinq Stresses. Deflection of beams (Curvature). (Chapters - 4, s) MODULE4 Torsion : Circular solid and hallow shafts, Torsional moment of resistance, Power transmission of straiqht and stepped shafts, Twist ίη shaft sections, Thin tubular sections, Thin walled sections Columns: BucRlinq and stability, Critical Ioad, Columns with pinned ends, Columns with other support conditions. Effective Ienqth of columns, Secant formula for columns. (Chapters - 6, 7) MODULE5 Strain Energy: Castiqliano's theorem I and 11. Load deformation diaqram. Strain enerqy due to normal stresses. Shear stresses. Modulus of resilience. Strain enerqy due to bendinq and torsion. Theories of Failure: Maximum Principal stress theory, Maximum shear stress theory. (Chapter - 8)

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Author: [H. J. Sawant] Pages: 422 Edition: 2016 Vendors: Technical Publications