Mechanics of Machines for DTEK 15 Course (III - MECH. - 15ME32T)

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UNIT-1: Basic Kinematics Definition Kinen1atic link or eleιnent Types of links Kineιnatic pair Types Types of constrained n1otίons Kinen1atίc L:hain Detinition of n1achine, Structure ancl n1echanίsn1 Difference between n1achίne and structure, Mechanism Inversions Types of kinematic chaίns four bar chaίn Beam enqine Coυplinq rocl of loαnnotive Sinqle slicler c:rank c:t1ain Penclυlυrn ρυτηp c.:rank ancl slotteιl Iever quick return motίon mechanism Double slider crank chain Ellίptical trammel Scotch yoke rnectιanisrn Oldtιaπι's ι:ouplirιg. (Chapter - 1) UNT-11: Transmission of Power Belt clrives Tyρes of flat t>elt clrives Open, Cross, lιller pυ11ey, Cornpoυnιl, c.:one pυ11ey anιl fast anιl loose pulley. v'elocity ratio, Slίp and creep of belt, Lenqth of belt, Ratίo of drίvinq tensίons, Centrίfuqal tension and initial tension - Power 1ransπ1itted by bel1s (Flaι and V-Belt) anιi roρes - Maxirnun1 ρower 1ransrnitted by belt (without proof) - Problems on belt drives - Introduction to !,)ears - Classification of qeαrs - Spur qeαr terrninoloqy - Proωe111s οη qears - (centre dίstance only) lntroductίon to qear trains -Tyρes of qear trains - Simple. Compound, Reverted and epίcyclic qeαr trains - Problems on qeαr trains. (Chapters 2, 11) UNIT-111: Priction UNIT-IV: Balancing lntroduction-Static and Dynaιnic balancing-Balancinq of sinqle rotatίnq ιnass by a sίnqle rnass rotatίng ίn the sarne plane -Balancing of several n1asses rotatinq in the san1e plane-Proble111s οη above (Analytical and Graphίcal 111etl1ods). (Chapter - S) UNIT-V: Cam Mechanisms Carns - l11troduction - Classification of followers and carns - Terrninolo1;1y of carn - Displace111ent diagraιη for the followίnq motion of follower - Uniform velocity - Sin1ple harmonίc motion (SHM) - Uniform acceleratίon and retardatίon motίon (UARM), Cam profίle constructίon for Knίfe eds;ιe follower and Roller follower. (Chapter - 6) UNIT-VI: Mechanical Vibrations Introductίon - Terms used ίη vίbrations - Types of vibrations - free vίbratίons - forced vίbrations - Damped vίbratίons - Types of free vίbratίons - Lons;ιίtudίnal, Transverse and torsίonal - Crίtίcal or whίrlίn!J speed of a shaft. (Chapter - 7) (ίν)

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