Mechanical Measurements for DTEK 15 Course (III - MECH. - 15ME33T)

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UNIT - 1 : Measuring Instruments Measurement-definition-ιnethods of measurement-siqnificance-terιns applicable to measurinq instrurnerιts Precision ancl at:cιnacy. Serιsitivity antl repeatability, Ranqe, Thresfωlcl. Hysteresis, calibration -Errors ίη measurements-systematic and random error. Measurinq instruments Factors ίη seleclinq the rηeasυrinq instrυrηents Thread π1easυrerηents Benι:f1 π1iσorηeter Tf1reacl qaυqe micrometer - Anqle measurements - Bevel protractor. Sine bar. Gauqes : Plain plug gauqe. Snap gau1,1e. rinq i;ιau1,1e - Sυrface finish - Measurement of surface finisf1 Ι1y talysυrf surlΊκe rougf1ness tester-co-ordinatin1,1 measurin1,1 machine. (Chapter 1) UNT - 11 : Transducers and Strain Gauges Transducers - concept - Characteristics. Transdιιcers selectίon factors. Classifications of transducer. actuat.iιHJ n1ecl1anisιηs. Voltaqe and current qenerat.inq analoΙJ transducers - Types - Piezoelectric transducer. Strain measurements : Strain qauqe. Classification. Berry-type mechanical strain li/aui;ιe. Optical strain qauges. Mounting of strain gauges, Strain qauqe rosettes-two and three eleιnents, Gauqe factor. (Chapter - 2) UNIT - 111 : Measurement of Force. Torque and Pressure Force measurinq devices- Sprinq Balance. Provinq rinq. Strain quaqe type Load cell- Torque measurinq devices- I>rony brake. Hydraulic dynan1oιneter-.pressure ωeasurinq devices- -Diaphraqιn type pressure qaιιqe- Bourdon tιιbe pressιιre qauqe- Mcloed qaιιqe. Constrιιction. worl:?inq and applil;ations. (Chapter 3) UNIT - IV: Applίed Mechanical Measurements Speed measurement Classificatίon of tachometers. Worl:2inq princίple. Construction. Worl:?inq of revolιιtίon coιιnters and eddy t:urrent tat:hometers. Displat:ement measιιrement Worl:2inq ρrίηt:ίρle. Constrιιction. Workinq of linear variable differential transformers (LVDT) Flow measureιnent Worl:2inq prinι:iple, Construction. Worl:?inq of rotometers Temperaωre measιirement. Print:iple. Construction. Worl:?inq of resistance therιnometers αηd optical pyrometer. Therιnocouples. (Chapter 4) UNIT V: Miscellaneous Measurements !Iumidity ιneasurement Construction, Workinq of l1air l1yqrometer Density ιneasurement Measureπιerιt of tlerιsity usinq fιyclrorneter, Lίφ1ίd level πιeasurernent Measurernent of liquω Ievel by usins;i sis;iht s;ilass, Float s;iaus;ie - Biomedical measurement - Construction, Workins;i of sphys;imo monometer. (Chapter - 5) UNIT - VI: Limits,Fits,Tolerence and Testing of Geometric Dimensions Concepts - Interchans;ieability, Selective assembly, Basic definitions, Graphical illιistration of limits and tolerances. Fit - Classification of fits. Systems of fits - Hole basis system and shaft basis system, Systems of tolerancinq - Unilateral system and bilateral system, Machine tools aliqnment testinq - Checkinq parallelism, Strais;ihtness, Runout, Alis;inment testin!J of machine tool durin!J erection as per IS standard procedure. (Chapter - 6)

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Author: [Subhash L. Gadhave] Pages: 246 Edition: 2018 Vendors: Technical Publications