Strength of Materials for DTEK 15 Course (III - MECH. - 15ME31T)

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UNIT 1: Simple Stress and Strains Simple stresses and strains viz. tensile, compressive, Shear, Crushing, Thermal stresses and corresponding strains, Hook's Law - Problems οη Direct Stress and Linear Strain - Stress - Strain cruve for Ductile material and Brittle material with all parameters. - factor of Safety. Elastic constants - Lateral Strain, Poisson's ratio, Bulk Modulus, Shear Modulus, Volumetric Strain- Relation between elastic constants - Problems οη elastic constants. Hoop stress - Longitudinal Stress ίη thin cylindrical and spherical shells subjected to internal pressure.- Problems οη thin cylindrical shells. (Chapter - l) UNIT 11: Moment of lnertia Centre of Gravity, Moment of Inertia and its lmportance -Parallel and Perpendicular Axis Theorem-C.G of Rectangle, Triangle, Circle, Semi-circle, Trapezium, Cone-Problems οη finding CG of T-Section, 1-Section, L-Section, Channel-Section. Moment of Inertia of solid and Hollow sections like Rectangle, Triangle, Circle-Moment of Inertia about C.G for I section, Τ Section. L-section and Channel Section. (Chapter - 2) UNIT 111 : Shear force and Bending Moment Diagrams Definition - Shear Force and Bending Moment - Types of beams, types of Ioad acting οη beams, Sagging and Hogging Bending Moment and its importance - sign convention to draw SFD and BMD - Concept of Maximum bending moment, Point of Contra flexure and its importance-Drawing S.F. and Β.Μ Diagram for Cantilever, Simply Supported Beams subjected to Point Load and U.D.L (Chapter - 3) UNIT 1\7 : Theory of Simple Bending Introduction, assumptions ίη theory of simple bending.-Bending stress, relation between bending stress and radius of curvature (without proof). -Position of neutral axis, moment of resistance-Bending equation (without proof)-Modulus of section for rectangular, hollow rectangular and hollow circular sections-Beams of uniform Strength-problems. (Chapter - 4) UNIT V : Strain Energy and Impact Loading Introduction -Strain Energy-Types of Ioading-Sudden, Gradual and Impact Load-resilience, proof resilience and modulus of resilience-Equation for strain energy stored ίη a body when the Ioad is gradually applied and suddenly applied - problems. (Chapter - 5) UNIT \71 : Torsion of Circular Shaft Introduction to Torsion, Angle of Twist, Polar Moment of lnertia, Torsion equation-(without proof)-Assumptions ίη theory of Torsion -Power Transmitted by a shaft, axle of solid and hollow sections subjected to Torsion - Comparison between Solid and hollow Shafts subjected to pure torsion - Problems. (Νο problem οη composite and ηοη homogeneous shaft) (Chapter - 6)

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