Design of Machine Elements for BE Anna University R21 CBCS (V - Mech. - ME3591)

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Unit 1 Steady Stresses and Variable Stresses ίη Machine Members Introduction to the desi11n process - factors influencin\1 machine desi11n. selection of materials based οη mechanical properties - Preferred numbers, fits and tolerances - Direct. Bendin\1 and torsional stress equations - Impact and shock loadin\1 - calculation of principle stresses for various Ioad combinations. eccentric loadin11- curved beams - crane hook and ·c·frame- factor of safety - theories of failure - Desi11n based οη stren11th and stiffness - stress concentration - Desi11n for variable Ioadin\1. (Chapters - 1. 2) Unit 11 Shafts and Couplings Desi11n of solid and hollow shafts based οη stren11th. riφdity and critical speed - Keys. keyways and splines - Riφd and flexible couplin11s. (Chapter - 3) Unit 111 Temporary and Permanent Joints Threaded fastners - Bolted joints includin\1 eccentric loadin\1. Knuck!e joints, Cotter joints - We!ded joints, riveted joints for structures - theory of bonded joints. (Chapters - 4. s. 6) Unit IV Energy Storing Elements and Engine Components \7arious types of sprin11s, optimization of helical sprin11s - rubber sprin11s - F!ywheels considerin\1 stresses in rims and arms for enφnes and punchin\1 machines - Connectin\1 Rods and crank shafts. (Chapters - 7. s. 9) Unit ν Bearings S!idin\1 contact and ro!lin\1 contact bearin11s - Hydrodynamic journal bearin11s, Sommerfeld Number, Raimondi and Boyd 11raphs, - Selection of Rollin\1 Contact bearin11s. (Chapters - 10, 11)

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