Thermal Engineering-II for BE Anna University R17 CBCS (V-Mech. - ME8595) (OLD EDITION)

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I Steam Nozzle Types and Shapes of nozzles, Flow of steam through nozzles, Critical pressure ratio, Variation of mass flow rate with pressure ratio. Effect of friction. Metastable flow. II Boilers Types and comparison. Mountings and Accessories. Fuels - Solid, Liquid and Gas. Performance calculations, Boiler trial. III Steam Turbines Types, Impulse and reaction principles, Velocity diagrams, Work done and efficiency - optimal operating conditions. Multi-staging, compounding and governing. IV Cogeneration and Residual Heat Recovery Cogeneration Principles, Cycle Analysis, Applications, Source and utilisation of residual heat. Heat pipes, Heat pumps, Recuperative and Regenerative heat exchangers. Economic Aspects. (Chapter - 4) V Refrigeration and Air - Conditioning Vapour compression refrigeration cycle, Effect of Superheat and Sub-cooling, Performance calculations, Working principle of air cycle, vapour absorption system and Thermoelectric refrigeration. Air conditioning systems, concept of RSHF, GSHF and ESHF, Cooling load calculations. Cooling towers - concept and types.

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Author: [ANUP GOEL] Pages: 314 Edition: 2020 Vendors: Technical Publications