Wireless Sensor Networks for SPPU 15 Course (BE - II - E&Tc - 404192) (Decode) (OLD EDITION)

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Unit 1 : Introduction What are Wireless Sensor Networks, Wireless Sensor Node, Anatomy of a Sensor Node, architecture of WSN , Performance metrics in WSNs, types of WSN. (Chapter - 1) Unit 2 : Radio Communication and Link Management Radio Waves and Modulation/Demodulation, Properties of Wireless Communications, Medium Access Protocols, Wireless Links Introduction, Properties of Wireless Links, Error Control, Naming and Addressing, Topology Control. (Chapter - 2) Unit 3 : Wireless Standards and Protocol Stack WSN Standards - IEEE802.15.4 Low rate WPAN, Zigbee, WirelessHART, ISA 100.11a, 6LoWPAN, IEEE802.15.3, Wibree, BLE, Zwave, ANT, Insteon, Wavenis, Protocol stack of WSNs, Cross Layer Protocol Stack. (Chapter - 3) Unit 4 : Localization and Routing Localization : Localization Challenges and Properties, Deployment Schemes, Proximity Schemes. Ranging Schemes, Range-Based Localization, Range-Free Localization, Routing Basics, Routing Metrics, Routing Protocols, Full-Network Broadcast, Location-Based Routing, Directed Diffusion, Collection Tree Protocol, Zigbee, Multi-Hop Communications. (Chapter - 4) Unit 5 : Data Aggregation and Security Clustering Techniques, In-Network Processing and Data Aggregation, Compressive Sampling, Security Issues in Wireless Sensor Networks, Attacks, Defensive Measures, Security requirements and threat model, (Chapter - 5) Unit 6 : Designing and Deploying WSN Applications Designing and Deploying WSN Applications,Early WSN Deployments, General Problems, General Testing and Validation, Requirements Analysis, The Top-Down Design Process, Bottom-Up Implementation Process. (Chapter - 6)

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Author: [V. S. Bagad] Pages: 162 Edition: 2020 Vendors: Technical Publications