Design of Electrical Machines for SPPU 15 Course (TE - II - Electrical - 303149) (OLD EDITION)

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Unit 01 : Transformer Modes of heat dissipation. Heating and cooling curves. Calculations of heating and cooling time constants. Types and constructional features of core and windings used in transformer. Transformer auxiliaries such as tap changer, pressure release valve, breather and conservator. Specifications of three phase transformers as per IS 2026(Part I). (Chapter - 1) Unit 02 : Transformer Design Output equation with usual notations, optimum design of transformer for minimum cost and loss. Design of main dimensions, core, yoke and windings of transformer. Methods of cooling and tank design. Estimation of resistance and leakage reactance of transformer. (Chapter - 2) Unit 03 : Performance Parameters of Transformer Estimation of no-load current, losses, efficiency and regulation of transformer. Calculation of mechanical forces developed under short circuit conditions, measures to overcome this effect. Introduction to Computer aided design of transformer, generalized flow chart for design of transformer. (Chapter - 3) Unit 04 : Three Phase Induction Motor Design : Part I Specification and Constructional features. Design of ac windings. Output equation with usual notations, specific electrical and magnetic loadings, ranges of specific loadings, turns per phase, number of stator slots. (Chapter - 4) Unit 05 : Three Phase Induction Motor Design : Part II Suitable combinations of stator and rotor slots .Calculations for main dimensions and stator design parameters. Selection of length of air gap, factors affecting length of air gap, unbalanced magnetic pull. Design of rotor slots, size of bars, end rings for cage rotor and rotor slots, turns and area of cross section of conductor for wound rotor. (Chapter - 5) Unit 06 : Performance Parameters of Three Phase Induction Motor Leakage flux and leakage reactance: Slot leakage, tooth top leakage, zig-zag leakage, overhang leakage, leakage reactance calculation for three phase machines. MMF Calculation for air gap, stator teeth, stator core, rotor teeth and rotor core, effect of saturation, effects of ducts on calculations of magnetizing current, calculations of no-load current. Calculations of losses and efficiency. Calculation of short time and continuous rating of electrical machine. (Chapter - 6)

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Author: [Jeevan J. Inamdar, Soumitra S. Kunte] Pages: 182 Edition: 2020 Vendors: Technical Publications