Power Electronic Controlled Drives for SPPU 15 Course (BE - II - Electrical - 403148) (Decode) (OLD EDITION)

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Unit 01 : Electrical Drives A. Definition, Advantages of electrical drives, Components of Electric drive system, Types of Electrical Drives (DC and AC). B. Motor-Load Dynamics, Speed Torque conventions and multi quadrant operation, Equivalent values of drive parameters. Load Torque Components, Nature and classification of Load. Constant Power operation of a Drive. Steady state stability, Numerical based on motor load dynamics. (Chapter - 1) Unit 02 : DC Motor Drives A. Braking methods: Rheostatic, Plugging, and Regenerative. Closed loop control of drives: current limit control, torque control and speed control. B. Single phase and three phase fully controlled converter drives and performance of converter fed separately excited DC Motor for speed control operations. Chopper controlled drives for separately excited and series DC Motor operations. Numerical based on above. Closed loop speed control of DC motor below and above base speed. (Chapter - 2) Unit 03 : Induction Motor Drives I Braking methods: DC Dynamic Braking, AC Rheostatic braking, Plugging, Regenerative Braking, V/f control and comparison with stator voltage control, voltage source inverter (VSI) control, Steady State Analysis. Current source inverter (CSI) control-open and closed loop, Regenerative braking and multiquadrant operation of Induction motor drives, relative merits and demerits of VSI and CSI for induction motor drives, Numerical on VSI and CSI fed I.M. drives (Chapter - 3) Unit 04 : Induction Motor Drives II A. Principle of vector control, Block diagram of Vector control of induction motor. Servo mechanism in drives and block diagram for position control (Descriptive treatment only). B. Thermal model of motor for heating and cooling, classes of motor duty, types of enclosures for motor. (Chapter - 4) Unit 05 : Synchronous Motor Drives Types of motor, cylindrical rotor wound field motor, equivalent circuit, speed torque characteristics and effect of power factor, salient pole wound field motor, phasor diagram, simple numerical based on above, closed loop speed control of self controlled synchronous motor drives fed from VSI and CSI. BLDC drives, block diagram and speed torque characteristics. (Chapter - 5) Unit 06 : Industrial Application A. Specific requirement and choice of drives for following applications. 1. Machine tools 2. Textile mills 3. Steel rolling mills 4. Sugar mills 5. Traction drives 6. Crane and hoist drives 7. Solar and battery powered drives (Chapter - 6)

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Author: [Dr. J. S. Chitode, U. A. Bakshi] Pages: 190 Edition: 2020 Vendors: Technical Publications