Audio Video Engineering for SPPU 15 Course (BE - II - E&Tc - 404191C) (OLD EDITION)

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Unit 1 : Pundamentals of Colour Televίsίon The basic Teleνision system and scanninq princip!es. Composite νideo siqna! and te!eνision standarcfs. Co!or TV systerns. fundarnentals, ιηίχίηq of colours, co!our perceptίon, chrornaticity dίaqrarn. NTSC, ΡΑι, SECAM systerns, cο!οιιr TV transrnitter, (lιίq!ι leνel. low leνel). cο!οιιr TV receίνers. (Chapter - 1) Unit 11 : Digital TV and Dίsplay Devices Introdιιction to Diqital TV. Diqital TV siqnals and parameters, Diqital TV Transmitters. MAC siqnals. adνanced MAC sίqna! transrnission, Dίqita! TV receίvers, Basίc ρrίncίples of Diqίtal Vίdeo coιηρression tecl1nίques, MPEG Stanclards. Diqital TV recorclinq tec!ιniqιιes. Display deΙΊices: OLED, LCD, TFT, Plasma, Camcoder. Diqicam. (Chapter - 2) Unit 111 : HDTV HDTV standards and systeιηs, HDTV transrnίtter and receiΙΊer/encoder, Diqital TV satellite Systeιηs, ΙΊίdeο on deωancl. CCTV, CATV. direct to horne TV, set top box with recorclinq facility. Conclitional Access System (CAS), 3D TV systems. HD νίdeο cameras, Diqital broadcastinq, case study (Cricket match. Marathon. Football match). (Chapter 3) Unίt IV : Advanced TV Systems ΙΡ Auclio ancl Vicleo, IPTV systems, Mobile TV, Video transmission ίη 3G/4G rnobile System. Diqital Video Recorders. Wί-Fί Audio / Video Transmitter and Receiνers. (Chapter - 4) Unit V : Pundamentals of Audio-Video Recording Met!1ods of sound recordinq and reproductίon, oρtical recordinq, CD recordinq, audίo standards. Diqital Sound Recordinq. CD/ DVD player, ΜΡ3 player, Blue Ray DVD Players. ΜΡ3 Player. (Chapter - 5) Unit VI : Pundamentals of Acoustics Studio acoustics and reνerberation. ΡΑ system for auditorium, acoustic chambers. Cordless microphone system, special types of speakers and microphones. Diqital Radio Receiνer Satellite radio reception. (Chapter - 6)

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Author: [Venkat N. Ghodke] Pages: 244 Edition: 2019 Vendors: Technical Publications