Microprocessors for MSBTE I Scheme (IV - Comp. - 22415)

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Unit - I 8086-16 Bit Microprocessor 1.1 8086 Microprocessor : Salient features, Pin descriptions. l.2 Architecture of 8086 : Functional Block Diagram, Register organization. 1.3 Concepts of pipelining. 1.4 Memory segmentation, Physical memory addresses generation. Unit - II The Art of Assembly Language Programming 2.1 Program development steps : Defining problem and constraints, Writing Algorithms, Flowchart, Initialization chacklist, Choosing instructions, Converting algorithms to assembly language programs. 2.2 Assembly language Programming Tools : Editors, Assembler, Linker, Debugger. 2.3 Assembler directives. Unit - III Instruction Set of 8086 Microprocessor 3.1 Machine Language Instruction format. 3.2 Addressing modes. 3.3 Instruction set, Groups of Instructions : Arithmetic instructions, Logical Instructions, Data Transfer instructions, Bit manipulation instructions, String Operation instructions, Program control transfer or branching instructions, Process control instructions. Unit - IV Assembly Language Programming 4.1 Model of 8086 assembly language programs. 4.2 Programming using assembler : Arithmetic operations on Hex and BCD numbers, Sum of Series, Smallest and Largest numbers from array, Sorting numbers in Ascending and Descending order, Finding ODD, EVEN, Positive and Negative numbers in the array, Block transfer, String Operations ­ Length, Reverse, Compare, Concatenation, Copy, Count Numbers of '1' and '0' in 16 bit number. Unit - V Procedure and Macro 5.1 Procedure : Defining and calling Procedure - PROC, ENDP, FAR and NEAR Directives; CALL and RET instructions; Parameter passing methods, Assembly Language Programs using Procedure. 5.2 Macro : Defining Macros, MACRO and ENDM Directives, Macro with parameters, Assembly Language Programs using Macros. Unit - VI Mananging Input / Ouput / Files in Java 6.1 Introduction and Concept of Streams. 6.2 Stream Classes. 6.3 Byte Stream Classes : Input Stream Classes, Output Stream Classes. 6.4 Character Stream Classes. Using streams. 6.5 Using File Class : I/O Exceptions, Creation of Files, Reading/Writing characters, Reading/Writing Bytes, Handling Primitive data types

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Author: [A. P. Godse,Rajesh M. Deshmukh,Ajaykumar K. kakade, Vijay B. Mohite] Pages: 138 Edition: 2019 Vendors: Technical Publications