Java Programming for MSBTE I Scheme (IV - Comp.- 22412)

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Unit - I Basic Syntactical Constructs in Java 1.1 Java Features and the Java Programming Environment, Object Oriented, Compiled, Interpreted, Platform independent, Portable, Robust and Secure, Dynamic. l.2 Defining a class. creating object, accessing class members 1.3 Java Tokens and Data types, Constants and Symbolic Constants, variables, dynamic initialization, data types, array and string, scope of variable, typecasting, and standard default values. 1.4 Operators and Expressions, Arithmetic Operators, Relational Operators, Logical Operators, Increment and Decrement, Conditional Operators, Bit wise Operators, Instance of Operators, Dot Operators, Operator precedence and associativity, Evaluation of Expressions, Type conversions in expressions, Mathematical Functions - min(),max(), sqrt(), pow(), exp(), round(), abs(). 1.5 Decision making and looping: If statement, if else statement, nested if else statement, if else if ladder, the switch statement, nested switch statement, The ?: operator, The while statement, the Do while statement, the 'for' statement, break, continue and return statement, nested loops, labeled loops, for-each version of the for loop. Unit - II Derived Syntactical Constructs in Java 2.1 Constructors and methods, types of constructors, nesting of methods, argument passing the 'this' keyword, command line arguments, varargs: variable-length arguments, garbage collection, finalize() method, the object class. 2.2 Visibility control public, Private Protected default, friendly private Protected access. 2.3 Arrays and Strings: Types of arrays. creating an array, strings, string classes and string buffer, vectors, wrapper classes, enumerated types. Unit - III Inheritance, Interface and Package 3.1 Inheritance: concept of inheritance, Types of Inheritance 3.2 Single Inheritance. multilevel Inheritance. Hierarchical Inheritance. method and constructor overloading and overriding. dynamic method dispatch, final variables, final methods, use of super, abstract methods and classes, static members. 3.3 Interfaces: Define Interface, implementing interface, accessing interface, variables and methods, extending interfaces, interface references, nested interfaces 3.4 Package: Define package, type of package naming and creating packages, accessing package, import statement, static import, adding class and interfaces to a package. Unit - IV Exception Handling and Multithread-ing 4.1 Errors and Exception : Types of errors, exceptions, try and catch statement, nested try statement, throws and Finally statement, build-in exceptions, chained exceptions, creating own exception (throw clause), subclasses. 4.2 Multithreaded Programming Creating a Thread : By extending to thread class and by implementing runnable Interface, Life cycle of thread : Thread Methods : wait(), sleep(), notify(), resume(), suspend(), stop(). Thread exceptions. thread priority and methods, synchronization, interthread communication, deadlock. Unit - V Java Applets and Graphics Programm -ing 5.1 Introduction to applets : Applet, Applet life cycle (skeleton), Applet tag, Adding Applet to HTML file, passing parameter to applet, embedding tags in java code, adding controls to applets. 5.2 Graphics Programming : Graphics classes, lines, rectangles, ellipse, circle, arcs. polygons, color and fonts, setColor(). getColor(), setForeGround(), setBackGround(), font class, Variable defined by font class : name, pointSize size, style, font methods : getFamily(). getFont(), getFontname (), getSize(). getStyle(), getAllFonts() and get available font family name() of the graphics environment class. Unit - VI Mananging Input / Ouput / Files in Java 6.1 Introduction and Concept of Streams. 6.2 Stream Classes. 6.3 Byte Stream Classes : Input Stream Classes, Output Stream Classes. 6.4 Character Stream Classes. Using streams. 6.5 Using File Class : I/O Exceptions, Creation of Files, Reading/Writing characters, Reading/Writing Bytes, Handling Primitive data types.

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Author: [A. A. Puntambekar,Swati T. Ghorsad,Prashant P. Sawant] Pages: 164 Edition: 2022 Vendors: Technical Publications