Manufacturing Processes for MSBTE I Scheme (IV - Mech. - 22446)

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1.3 Drill Machine : Classification, specifications of radial drilling machine. Basic parts of radial drilling machine, sensitive drilling and their functions. Drilling machine operations like drilling, reaming, boring, counter sinking, counter boring, spot facing. Cutting parameters - speed, feed, depth of cut and machining time. Unit - II Shaping / Slotting Machines 2.1 Shaping Machine : Principle of working, classification, specification of standard shaper. Basic parts of standard shaping machine and their functions. Quick return mechanism, Different shaping operations. 2.2 Slotting Machine : Principle of working, classification, specification, Basic parts of Slotting machine and their functions. Unit - III Casting Processes and Plastic Moulding 3.1 Pattern making : Basic steps in making pattern, types, materials and allowances. 3.2 Colour coding of patterns. 3.3 Moulding : Types of moulding sands, properties of sand, moulding methods, cores and core prints. Elements of gating system, Bench and floor moulding methods. 3.4 Casting : Safety practices/ precautions in foundary shop. Furnaces, construction and working of cupola furnace, electrical arc furnace, Centrifugal Casting - Method and application, Casting defects - Causes and remedies. 3.5 Plastic : Types of plastic; Plastic processing like Calendering and vacuum forming. 3.6 Plastic mouldling methods : Compression moulding, Injection moulding, Blow moulding and Extrusion, Applications of plastic moulding methods. Unit - IV Forming Processes 4.1 Drop forging : Introduction to forging, Upset forging, press forging, open die and closed die forging operations. 4.2 Rolling : Principle of rolling, hot and cold rolling, Types and applications of rolling mill. 4.3 Extrusion : Direct and indirect extrusion, Advantages, disadvantages, applications of extrusion processes. Unit - V Joining Processes 5.1 Welding Processes : Gas welding, carbon arc welding, shielded metal arc welding, TIG welding, MIG welding, plasma arc welding, resistance welding types - spot, seam and projection, Electron beam welding, laser beam welding, welding defects. 5.2 Introduction to soldering and brazing : Process, fillers, heating methods and applications.

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Author: [Milind Ingole, Rajesh S. Gorde, S. K. Giram] Pages: 124 Edition: 2019 Vendors: Technical Publications