Distributed Computing System for SPPU 15 Course (BE - II - IT - 414462) (OLD EDITION)

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UNIT I FUNDAMENTALS AND ARCHITECTURES Introduction : Characteristics and examρ!es of distributed systems, Desiqn qoals, Tyρes of distributed sysιems, Trends ίη distribιιted systerns, Focιιs οη Resource St1arinq, Challenqes. Arcfιitecιures : Arct1iιectural sιyles. middleware and middleware orqanization, system architectures, Example architectures. Case Study : The World Wide Web. (Chapter - 1) UNIT II COMMUNICATION AND COORDINATION Communication : Introduction, Layered protocols, Types of communication, Inter-process Communication, Remote Procedure Ca!I (RPC), Messaqe oriented communication, Multicast Communication, Network Virtualization : Overlay Network Coordination : Clock Synchronization, Loqical Clocks, Mutual Exclusion, E!ection al􀀶Jorith111s, Distributecf event matchinq, Gossip Basecf coorcfination Case Study : IBM's Websphere Message-Queuing System. (Chapter - 11) UNIT ΠΙ REPLICATION AND PAULT TOLERANCE Replication : Reasons for replication, Replica manaqernent, Failιιre rnaskinq and replication. Consistency protocols, Catct1inq and replicatiorι ίrι web, Fault Tolerance : Introdιιction, Failure rnodels, Fault systerns with arbitrary fai!ures, Reliable client server communication, Reliable qroup communication, Distributed commit, Recovery, Checlφoints. Case Study: Catching and Replication ίη Web. (Chapter 3) UNIT IV DISTRIBUTED FILES AND MULTIMEDIA SYSTEMS Distributed File Systems: Introduction, File System Architecιure, Sun Network Fi!e System, and HDFS. Name Services : Introduction, Name Services and the Domain Name System, Directory Services. Case Study - ι : The Global Name Service, 2. T11e Χ.500 Directory Service. Distributed Multimedia Systems : Characteristics of Multimedia Data, Quality of Service Manaqement. Resource manaqement. Stream Adaptation. Case Study : BitTorrent and End System Multicast. (Chapter - 4) UNIT V DISTRIBUTED WEB BASED SYSTEM Architectυre of Traditiona! Web-Based Systems, Apache Web Server, Web Server C!usters, Conυnunication by Hypertext Transfer Protocol. Synchronization, Web Proxy Cachinq, Rep!ication for Web Hostinq Systems. Replication of Web Applications, Fault Tolerance in distributed web based systems, Security Concerns. Case Study : HyperText Transfer Protocol (ΗΤΤΡ). (Chapter - 5) UNIT \71 SECURITY ΙΝ DISTRIBUTED SYSTEMS Introduction to Security : Security Threats, Policies, and Mechanisms, Design Issues, Cryptography. Secure Channels : Authentication, Message Integrity and Confidentiality, Secure Group Communication, Access Control: General Issues in Access Control, Firewal!s, Secure Mobile Code, Denia! of Service (DOS). Security Management : Key Management, Secure Group Management, Authorization Management. Emerging Trends Ιη Distributed Systems : Grid Computing, Service Oriented Architectures (SOA). Case Study : Kerberos. (Chapter - 6)

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Author: [I. A. Dhotre,Lalit V. Patil] Pages: 190 Edition: 2019 Vendors: Technical Publications