Microprocessor for SPPU 19 Course (SE - IV - Comp. - 210254)

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Unit I Introduction to 80386 Brief History of Intel Processors, 80386 DX Features and Architecture, Programmers Model, Operating modes, Addressing modes and data types. Applications Instruction Set: Data Movement Instructions, Binary Arithmetic Instructions, Decimal Arithmetic Instructions, Logical Instructions, Control Transfer Instructions, String and Character Transfer Instructions, Instructions for Block Structured Language, Flag Control Instructions, Coprocessor Interface Instructions, Segment Register Instructions, Miscellaneous Instructions. (Chapters - 1, 2) Unit II Bus Cycles and System Architecture Initialization - Processor State after Reset. Functional pin Diagram, functionality of various pins, I/O Organization, Memory Organization (Memory banks), Basic memory read and writes cycles with timing diagram. Systems Architecture - Systems Registers (Systems flags, Memory Management registers, Control registers, Debug registers, Test registers), System Instructions. (Chapter - 3) Unit III Memory Management Global Descriptor Table, Local Descriptor Table, Interrupt Descriptor Table, GDTR, LDTR, IDTR. Formats of Descriptors and Selector, Segment Translation, Page Translation, Combining Segment and Page Translation. (Chapter - 4) Unit IV Protection Need of Protection, Overview of 80386DX Protection Mechanisms: Protection rings and levels, Privileged Instructions, Concept of DPL, CPL, RPL, EPL. Inter privilege level transfers using Call gates, Conforming code segment, Privilege levels and stacks. Page Level Protection, Combining Segment and Page Level Protection. (Chapter - 5) Unit V Multitasking and Virtual 8086 Mode Multitasking - Task State Segment, TSS Descriptor, Task Register, Task Gate Descriptor, Task Switching, Task Linking, Task Address Space. Virtual Mode - Features, Memory management in Virtual Mode, Entering and leaving Virtual mode. (Chapters - 6, 7) Unit VI Interrupts, Exceptions, and Introduction to Microcontrollers Interrupts and Exceptions: Identifying Interrupts, Enabling and Disabling Interrupts, Priority among Simultaneous Interrupts and Exceptions, Interrupt Descriptor Table (IDT), IDT Descriptors, Interrupt Tasks and Interrupt Procedures, Error Code, and Exception Conditions. Introduction to Microcontrollers: Architecture of typical Microcontroller, Difference between Microprocessor and Microcontroller, Characteristics of microcontrollers, Application of Microcontrollers. (Chapters - 8, 9)

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