Signals and Systems for GTU 18 Course (V - EE - 3150912)

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1 Introduction to Signals and Systems: Signals and systems everyday life, biomedical, instrumentation domestic and industries. Representations of Signals, Classifications of Signals - Continuous time, Discrete time, comparison among Analog, Digital and Discrete Signals, Signal properties: periodicity, absolute integrability, determinism and stochastic character. Some special signals of importance: the unit step, the unit impulse, the sinusoid, and the complex exponential. System properties: linearity: additivity and homogeneity, shift-invariance, causality, stability, realizability. Examples. (Chapter - 1) 2. Mathematical operations on Signals and Systems: Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of the signals, parallel and series combinations of the systems, cascading of the systems, impulse response characterization and convolution integral for CT- LTI system, signal responses to CT-LTI system, properties of convolution, LTI system response properties from impulse response, Examples. Impulse response characterization and convolution sum, Causal signal response to DT-LTI systems. Properties of convolution summation, Impulse response of DT-LTI system. DT-LTI system properties from Impulse response. System analysis from difference equation model, examples. (Chapter - 2) 3. Fourier, Laplace and z-transforms: Representation of periodic functions, Fourier series, Frequency spectrum of aperiodic signals, Fourier Transform, Relation between Laplace Transform and Fourier Transform and its properties. Parseval's Theorem. Review of the Laplace Transform for continuous time signals and systems, system functions, poles and zeros of system functions and signals, Laplace domain analysis, solution to differential equations and system behavior. The z-Transform for discrete time signals and systems, system functions, poles and zeros of systems and sequences, z-domain analysis. (Chapter - 3) 4. Sampling & reconstruction: 5. Applications based on IoT:

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Author: [Dr. J. S. Chitode, A. P. Godse, I. A. Dhotre] Pages: 532 Edition: 2022 Vendors: Technical Publications