Technological Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship for BE VTU Course 18 OBE & CBCS (V - ECE -18ES51)

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Module - 1 Management: Nature and Functions of Management - Importance, Definition, Management Functions, Levels of Management, Roles of Manager, Managerial Skills, Management & Administration, Management as a Science, Art & Profession. Planning: Planning-Nature, Importance, Types, Steps and Limitations of Planning; Decision Making - Meaning, Types and Steps in Decision Making. (Chapters-1,2) Module - 2 Organizing and Staffing: Organization-Meaning, Characteristics, Process of Organizing, Principles of Organizing, Span of Management (meaning and importance only), Departmentalisation, Committees-Meaning, Types of Committees; Centralization Vs Decentralization of Authority and Responsibility; Staffing-Need and Importance, Recruitment and Selection Process. Controlling – Meaning, Need for Control System, Benefits of Control, Essentials of Effective Control System, Steps in Control Process. (Chapters-3,4) Module - 3 Social Responsibilities of Business: Meaning of Social Responsibility, Social Responsibilities of Business towards Different Groups, Social Audit, Business Ethics and Corporate Governance. Entrepreneurship: Definition of Entrepreneur, Importance of Entrepreneurship, concepts of Entrepreneurship, Characteristics of successful Entrepreneur, Classification of Entrepreneurs, (Chapters-5,6) Module - 4 Family Business: Module - 5 Business model:

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Author: [Vandana Gupta] Pages: 336 Edition: 2020 Vendors: Technical Publications