Object Oriented Analysis and Design for GTU 18 Course (V - IT - 3151604)

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1. Introduction : OO orientation, OO development, OO themes, Usefulness of OO Development, Modeling as a Design Technique, Modeling, Abstraction, The Three models. (Chapter - 1) 2. Class Modeling : Object and Class concepts, Link and Association Concepts, Generalization and inheritance, Class Model, Navigation of Class model, Advanced class Modeling, Advanced object and class concepts, Association Ends, N-ary Associations, Aggregation, Abstract classes, Multiple inheritance, Metadata, Reification, Constraints, Derived Data, Packages (Chapter - 2) 3. State Modeling : Events, States, Transitions and Conditions, State Diagrams, State Diagram behavior, Advance State Modeling, Nested state diagram, Nested states, Signal Generalization, Concurrency, State Model, Relation of class and State Models, Interaction Modeling Use case models, Sequence Models, Activity Models, Advanced interaction Modeling Use case relations, Procedural sequence Models, Special constructs of activity Models (Chapter - 3) 4. Process Overview : Development stages, Development life cycle, System conception Developing a system concept, Elaborating a concept, preparing a Problem statement, Domain Analysis, Overview of analysis, Domain class model, domain state model, domain interaction model, Iterating the analysis, Application Analysis, Application Interaction model, Application Class model, Application State Model, Adding operations. (Chapter - 4) 5. System Design : Overview, Estimating performance, Making a reuse plan, breaking a system into subsystems, Identifying concurrency, Allocation of subsystems, Management of data storage, Handling global resources, Choosing a software control strategy, Handling boundary conditions, Setting trade off priorities, common architectural styles, Architecture of the ATM system, Class Design Overview, gap, realizing use cases, Designing algorithms, Recursing downward, refactoring, Design optimization, Reification of behavior, Adjustment of inheritance, Organizing a class design, ATM example (Chapter - 5)

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Author: [A.A.Puntambekar] Pages: 228 Edition: 2022 Vendors: Technical Publications