Database Management System for BE VTU Course 18 OBE & CBCS (V- CSE -18CS53)

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Module - 1 Introduction to Databases: Introduction, Characteristics of database approach, Advantages of using DBMS approach, History of database applications. Overview of Database Languages and Architectures: Data Models, Schemas and Instances, Three schema architecture and data independence, Database languages and interfaces, The database system environment. Conceptual Data Modelling using Entities and Relationships: Entity types, Entity sets, attributes, roles and structural constraints, Weak entity types, ER diagrams, examples, Specialization and Generalization. (Chapter - 1) Module - 2 Relational Model: Relational Model Concepts, Relational Model Constraints and Relational Database Schemas, Update Operations, Transactions and Dealing with Constraint Violations. Relational Algebra: Unary and Binary Relational Operations, Additional Relational Operations (Aggregate, Grouping etc.), Examples of Queries in Relational Algebra, Mapping Conceptual Design into a Logical Design: Relational Database Design using ER-to-Relational Mapping. SQL: SQL data definition and data types, specifying constraints in SQL, retrieval queries in SQL, INSERT, DELETE and UPDATE statements in SQL, Additional features of SQL. (Chapters - 2, 3) Module - 3 SQL: Advances Queries: More complex SQL retrieval queries, Specifying constraints as assertions and action triggers, Views in SQL, Schema change statements in SQL. Database Application Development: Accessing database from applications, An introduction to JDBC, JDBC classes and interfaces, SQLJ, Stored procedures, Case study: The internet bookshop. Internet Applications: The three-tier application architecture, The presentation layer, The middle tier. (Chapter - 4) Module - 4 Normalization: Module - 5 Transaction Processing:

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Author: [A. A. Puntambekar] Pages: 360 Edition: 2020 Vendors: Technical Publications