Contributor Personality Development Program for GTU 18 Course (V - Common - 3150004) & 20 Course (V - CSE(AI & ML) - 3150004)

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"""1.The Contributor Work Ideal In this topic, Students explore what is their """"ideal"""" of work - is the ideal to be a """"worker"""" or to be a """"contributor""""? For example, an employee who has the ideal of a """"worker"""" goes to work to pass time, earn a living, get benefits; in contrast to an employee with the ideal of a """"contributor"""" who wants to make a difference, get things done well, create value for the company. This enables students to transform their expectation of themselves in work. 2.Identity and Self-esteem In this topic, Students engage with the question """"who am I?"""" or on what basis do they define themselves. Is their identity defined by what others think of them (extrinsic self-esteem) or by what they think of themselves (intrinsic self-esteem)? Further, they discover positive identities that lead to intrinsic self-esteem, such as an I-can identity based on one's capacity and inner strength. This enables them to build confidence and self-esteem. 3.Become a Creator of one's destiny In a """"victim stance"""", we see the career environment as full of difficulties and hurdles. We feel powerless or blame our circumstances for not having many opportunities. This makes us fearful of uncertainty and makes us settle for jobs where we remain mediocre. In this topic, students discover the """"creator of destiny stance"""" to challenges and situations. This stance frees them to try out new things, open up new possibilities, take on responsibility, see the opportunity hidden in their environment. 4.Achieving Sustainable Success 5.Career Development Models 6.Expanding contribution in every role

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Author: [Dr. Shreeram D. Toliwal , Dr. Adhikari , Dr. Sameer N. Solanki , Dr. Asif M. Vahora] Pages: 348 Edition: 2022 Vendors: Technical Publications