Dynamics of Machines for BE Anna University R17 CBCS (V-Mech. - ME8594)

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I: Force Analysis Dynamic force analysis - Inertia force and Inertia torque - D Alembert’s principle - Dynamic Analysis in reciprocating engines - Gas forces - Inertia effect of connecting rod - Bearing loads - Crank shaft torque - Turning moment diagrams - Fly Wheels - Flywheels of punching presses- Dynamics of Cam- follower mechanism. II: Balancing Static and dynamic balancing - Balancing of rotating masses - Balancing a single cylinder engine - Balancing of Multi-cylinder inline, V-engines - Partial balancing in engines - Balancing of linkages - Balancing machines-Field balancing of discs and rotors. III Free Vibration Basic features of vibratory systems - Degrees of freedom - single degree of freedom - Free vibration - Equations of motion - Natural frequency - Types of Damping - Damped vibration- Torsional vibration of shaft - Critical speeds of shafts - Torsional vibration - Two and three rotor torsional systems. IV: Forced Vibration Response of one degree freedom systems to periodic forcing - Harmonic disturbances -Disturbance caused by unbalance - Support motion -transmissibility - Vibration isolation vibration measurement. V: Mechanism For Control Governors - Types - Centrifugal governors - Gravity controlled and spring controlled centrifugal governors - Characteristics - Effect of friction - Controlling force curves. Gyroscopes -Gyroscopic forces and torques - Gyroscopic stabilization - Gyroscopic effects in Automobiles, ships and airplanes.

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Pages: 866 Edition: 2020 Vendors: Technical Publications