Software Modeling and Design for SPPU 19 Course (TE - SEM VI - IT - 314454D) - Elective II

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Syllabus Software Modeling and Design - 314454(D) Credit :Examination Scheme : 03Mid-Semester : 30 Marks End-Semester : 70 Marks Unit I Introduction to OOM and UML Introduction to Object Oriented Methodology - Study of various design methodologies like Object Oriented Design by Booch, Object Modelling Techniques by Rumbaugh, Object-Oriented Analysis by Codd Yourdon and Object-Oriented Software Engineering by Ivar Jacobson. Unified Approach - Unification of Booch, Rumbaugh and Jacobson methodologies, Object - Oriented Analysis, Object Oriented Design, Iterative Development & Continuous Testing, Modelling based on UML , Layered Approach. Unified Modeling Language - Introduction to Modeling and UML2.0, MDA, UML2.0 Structure, UML Building Blocks, UML common Mechanisms, Introduction to all UML2.0 Diagram notational Techniques, 4+1View. (Chapter - 1) Unit II Object Oriented Analysis Object Oriented Analysis Process : Use Case Modeling : Actor Identification, Actor Classification, Actor Generalization, Use Case Identification, Uses/Include/Extend Association, Writing a formal use case, Forward Engineering (Use case realization) Class Modeling : Approach for identifying class, Approaches for identifying classes, Class pattern approach, Class Responsibilities, Collaboration Approach, Naming Classes, Class associations Generalization specialization relationship, Aggregation and Composition Relationships. (Chapter - 2) Unit III Interaction and Behavior Modeling Activity Diagram : Activity and Actions, Activity Edge, Decision and Merge Points, Fork-Join, Control Flow, Constraints on Action, Swim Lanes. Sequence Diagram : Context, Objects and Roles, Links, Object Life Line, Message or stimulus, Activation/Focus of Control, delete object, Modelling Interactions. Collaboration Diagram : Objects and Links, Messages and stimuli, Active Objects, Communication Diagram,Iteration Expression, Parallel Execution, Guard Expression, Timing Diagram.

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