Software Engineering for SPPU 19 Course (SE - IV - IT - 214454)

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Unit IIntroduction to Software Engineering Software Engineering Fundamentals: Nature of Software, Software Engineering Practice, Software Process, Software Myths. Process Models: A Generic Process Model, Linear Sequential Development Model, Iterative Development Model, The incremental Development Model. Agile software development: Agile manifesto, agility principles, Agile methods, myth of planned development, Introduction to Extreme programming and Scrum. Agile Practices: test driven development, pair programming, continuous integration in DevOps , Refactoring. (Chapters - 1, 2) Unit IIRequirements Engineering & Analysis Requirements Engineering: User and system requirements, Functional and non-functional requirements, requirements engineering (elicitation, specification, validation, negotiation) prioritizing requirements (Kano diagram), requirement traceability matrix(RTM). Software Requirements Specification (SRS): Software requirements Specification document, structure of SRS, writing a SRS, structured SRS for online shopping, Requirements Analysis: Analysis Model, data modeling, scenario based modeling, class based modeling, Flow oriented modeling, behavioral modeling-Introduction to UML diagrams. (Chapter - 3) Unit IIIDesign Engineering Design Engineering: Design Process & quality, Design Concepts, design Model, Pattern-based Software Design. Architectural Design: Design Decisions, Views, Patterns, Application Architectures. Unit IVProject Planning, Management and Estimation Project Planning: Project initiation, Planning Scope Management, Creating the Work Breakdown Structure, scheduling: Importance of Project Schedules, Developing the Schedule using Gantt Charts, PERT/ CPM. Unit VSoftware Quality and Testing Unit VIFormal Methods Recent Trends in Software Engineering

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