Control Systems for SPPU 19 Course (SE - IV - Elex./E&Tc - 204192)

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Unit – IIntroduction to Control Systems and its Modelling Basic Elements of Control System, Open loop and Closed loop systems, Differential equations and Transfer function, Modeling of Electric systems, Translational and rotational mechanical systems, Block diagram reduction Techniques, Signal flow graph. (Chapters - 1,2,3,4,5) Unit – IITime Domain Analysis Time domain analysis : Transient response and steady state response, standard test inputs for time domain analysis, order and type of a system, transient analysis of first and second order systems, time domain specifications of second order under damped system from its step response, Steady state error and static error constants. (Chapter - 6) Unit - IIIStability Analysis Characteristic equation of a system, concept of pole and zero, response of various pole locations in s-plane, concept of stability absolute stability, relative stability, stability of system from pole locations, Routh Hurwitz stability criterion, Root locus : definition, magnitude and angle conditions, construction of root locus, concept of dominant poles, effect of addition of pole and zero on root locus. Application of root locus for stability analysis. (Chapters - 7, 8) Unit - IVFrequency Domain Analysis Frequency response and frequency domain specifications, correlation between time domain and frequency domain specifications, polar plot, Nyquist stability criterion and construction of Nyquist plot, Bode plot, determination of frequency domain specifications and stability analysis using Nyquist plot and Bode plot. (Chapters - 9, 10, 11) Unit – VState Space Representation State space advantages and representation, Transfer function from State space, physical variable form, phase variable forms Unit - VIControllers and Digital Control Systems

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