Organisational Behaviour for GTU 18 Course (IV- MECH. - 3141909)

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1. Focus and Purpose : Definition, Need and importance of organizational behavior, Nature and scope, Frame work, OB model. (Chapter-1) 2. Individual Behaviour : Attitudes : Characteristics, Components, Formation, Measurement, Barriers to change attitude. Perception: Meaning and concept of perception, Factors influencing perception, Motivation : Importance, Types, Theories of Motivation, Effects on work behaviour. Personality and value: Types, Factors influencing personality, Theories, Learning, Types of learners, The learning process, Learning theories, Organizational behaviour modification. Misbehaviour : Types, Management Intervention. Emotions: Emotional Labour, Emotional Intelligence, Theories. Impression management, Individual decision making techniques. (Chapter-2) 3. Group Behaviour : Organization structure, Formation, Groups in organizations, Influence, Group dynamics, Group decision making techniques, Team building, Communication, Control, Johari Window. (Chapter-3) 4. Leadership and Power : Meaning, Importance, Leadership styles, Behavioural Theories, Fiedler model, LMX theory and Path Goal theory, Leaders vs Managers, Sources of power, Power centers, Power and Politics. (Chapter-4) 5. Dynamics of Organizational Behaviour : Organizational culture and climate, Factors affecting organizational climate, Importance, Job satisfaction, Determinants, Measurements, Influence on behaviour, Stress, Work Stressors, Prevention and Management of stress, Balancing work and Life, Kurt Lewin’s–three step model, Methods for implementing organizational change. (Chapter-5)

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