Design of Transmission Systems for SPPU 19 Course (TE - SEM VI - MECH. - 302051) (Decode) (END SEM)

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Syllabus Design of Transmission Systems - (302051) Credits Examination Scheme Theory : 3 End - Semester : 70 Marks Practical : 1 Oral : 25 Marks Unit 3 Sliding and Rolling Contact Bearing Sliding contact bearing (Theoretical treatment only) : Introduction to sliding contact bearing, classification, Reynolds’s equation (2D), Petroff’s equations, Sommerfeld number, Parameters of bearing design. Rolling Contact Bearings : Types of rolling contact Bearings and its selection, Static and dynamic load carrying capacities, Stribeck’s Equation, Equivalent bearing load, Load-life relationship, Selection of bearing life, Selection of rolling contact bearings from manufacturer's catalogue, Design for cyclic loads, Types of failure in rolling contact bearings - causes and remedies. (Simple Numerical treatment) (Chapters - 5, 6) Unit 4 Design of Clutches and Brakes Clutches : Introduction, Types of clutches, Material, Positive clutches, friction clutches, single plate, multiple plate, Cone clutch, and centrifugal clutches, Application of friction clutches automotive and industrial machinery sector. (Only Theoretical Treatment) Brakes : Introduction, Types of brakes, Material, Design of band brake, external and internal shoe breaks internal expanding shoe brakes, design of disc brakes. Application of brakes in automotive and industrial machinery sector. (Only Theoretical Treatment) (Chapters - 7, 8) Unit 5 Design of M/C Tool Gear Box Introduction to Machine Tool Gearboxes, classification, basic considerations in design of drives and its Applications, Determination of variable speed range, Graphical representation of speed and structure diagram, Ray diagram, selection of optimum ray diagram, Kinematic /Gearing Diagram, Deviation diagram, Difference between numbers of teeth of successive gears in a change gear box. (Note : Full design problem to be restricted up to 2 Stages only & No design problem on deviation diagram) (Chapter - 9) Unit 6 Transmission system in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Introduction, Types of Hybrid Electric Vehicles : Basic Classification, Basic Modes of Operation, Other Derivatives, Degree of Hybridization. Power Split Devices (PSD) : Simple and EM compound PSD, HEV Component Characteristics : The IC Engine, Electric Machines, Battery, HEV Performance Analysis : Series HEV, Parallel HEV, HEV Component Sizing : General Considerations, Sizing for Performance, Optimum Sizing, Power Management : Control Potential, Control. (Chapter - 10)

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