Kinematics of Machinery for Anna University R17 CBCS (IV- MECH -ME8492) (OLD EDITION)

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UNIT I BASICS OF MECHANISMS Classification of mechanisms - Basic kinematic concepts and definitions - Degree of freedom, Mobility - Kutzbach criterion, Gruebler’s criterion - Grashof’s law - Kinematic inversions of four-bar chain and slider crank chains - Limit positions - Mechanical advantage - Transmission angle - Description of some common mechanisms - Quick return mechanisms, Straight line generators, Universal joint - Rocker mechanisms. (Chapters - 1, 2) UNIT II KINEMATICS OF LINKAGE MECHANISMS Displacement, Velocity and acceleration analysis of simple mechanisms - Graphical method - Velocity and acceleration polygons - Velocity analysis using instantaneous centres - kinematic analysis of simple mechanisms - Coincident points - Coriolis component of acceleration - Introduction to linkage synthesis problem. (Chapters - 3, 4, 5) UNIT III KINEMATICS OF CAM MECHANISMS Classification of cams and followers - Terminology and definitions - Displacement diagrams - Uniform velocity, Parabolic, Simple harmonic and cycloidal motions - Derivatives of follower motions - Layout of plate cam profiles - Specified contour cams - Circular arc and tangent cams - Pressure angle and undercutting - sizing of cams. (Chapter - 6) UNIT IV GEARS AND GEAR TRAINS Law of toothed gearing - Involutes and cycloidal tooth profiles - Spur Gear terminology and definitions - Gear tooth action - Contact ratio - Interference and undercutting. Helical, Bevel, Worm, Rack and Pinion gears [Basics only]. Gear trains - Speed ratio, Train value - Parallel axis gear trains - Epicyclic gear trains. (Chapters - 7, 8) UNIT V FRICTION IN MACHINE ELEMENTS Surface contacts - Sliding and rolling friction - Friction drives - Friction in screw threads - Bearings and lubrication - Friction clutches - Belt and rope drives - Friction in brakes - Band and block brakes. (Chapter - 9)

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Author: [Anup Goel, M. D. Rajkamal] Pages: 606 Edition: 2019 Vendors: Technical Publications